What is Partnerships Experience 2021 (PX21)?

Partnerships Experience is the leading event for The Partnership Economy hosted by Impact. This is a 4 week virtual partnership boot camp where you will hear from experts on the importance of partnerships, case studies, industry trends, and the future of the Partnership Economy.

Partnerships Experience 2021 (PX21) brings together the innovators, the change-makers, and leaders of growth to discuss how companies approach and transform partnerships. PX21 is the must-attend event where brands, publishers, and influencers gather to learn, connect, and create partnerships. This event will combine keynotes, panel discussions, live and on-demand content and entertainment, and networking.

When is PX21?

PX21 will take place June 2nd – 24th, with new content coming out every Wednesday at 12:00 PM Eastern. We encourage attending live for the best experience and opportunities to connect and win prizes, but the content can also be enjoyed on demand when it’s convenient for you!

I’m joining from outside the US, will the content be relevant?

While all of the content at PX21 will be relevant and support our goal, we will be offering specialized tracks depending on your global region, with content that aligns closer to regional trends and experts.

How much does a ticket cost?

PX21 is a completely free event to attend and enjoy! We expect that the only “cost” will be about 2 hours of your time each week, and by the end of that time, you will be an expert in The Partnership Economy!

Is PX21 an in-person event?

Health and safety is our #1 concern for our speakers and attendees, so this year, PX21 is 100% virtual. We are currently planning a return to an in-person event for 2022!

How do I register?

To register for PX21, create an event profile here. You’ll receive a unique activation link to complete your registration. Then you can build your agenda by registering for individual sessions.

How do I build my agenda?

Get upcoming sessions on your calendar by choosing your region here. Then click ‘Attend’ to pre-register for sessions.

Note: a BrightTALK user account is required to access PX21 live sessions. This is a separate login from your PX21 event profile. Join BrightTALK here for free.

Who can I expect to hear from in PX21?

Confirmed speakers and talent can be found here.

How do I access on-demand content?

All PX21 sessions will stream live and automatically convert to on-demand videos after they air. Each PX21 session will also include supporting and suggested on-demand content within the attachments. You can also add them to your weekly agenda!

How do I learn more about Impact and its services?

Check out our product demos each week, message us, or visit www.impact.com.

Can I ask a question to a speaker?

Each live streamed session will have an active message board where you can not only submit questions to be considered for the after show each week, but you can connect and converse with other attendees on the topics in the partnership portal as well!

How do I engage with other attendees?

Build out your profile to include information about yourself, your company, and your interests and chat with other attendees directly! We also encourage focusing discussions on our discussion boards in the partnership portal.

Become a member of the partnership portal here. You will need to be signed in to your PX21 event profile to join.

Is there a benefit to tuning in live?

We strongly encourage attending PX21 live, as you will have more opportunity to engage, connect, and win prizes for high engagement! We do, however, understand that everyone has different schedules, so all of the content will be available on-demand within 24 hours of airing.

I’m having trouble with my BrightTALK account, is there someone who can assist me?

To reset your password, we can send you a one-time login link to your registered email address.  Simply visit the “forgot password?” page to get started.

If you followed the steps to reset your password but have not received the one-time login link, we recommend checking your spam folder. You can also contact support@brighttalk.com for assistance.

If you need to talk to someone about an issue unrelated to your BrightTALK account or registration, please reach out HERE.

Why is my video/audio starting and stopping (buffering) during a live session?

Buffering is most commonly due to insufficient bandwidth. Try switching to a different internet connection/network. You can also view sessions on demand after they air.

What is the timezone displayed on a PX21 session?

Viewers will see different times displayed, depending on their location, BrightTALK user account settings, VPN usage and other factors. 

If you do not have a BrightTALK user account, or are not logged in, the time displayed will be the one of your geolocation. If you are logged in, you’ll see the timezone selected upon registration.

Can I view PX21 sessions on any browser?

Yes, BrightTALK tests its streaming service on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

For more information, test your system here.

Can I speak at PX21 in the future?

Yes! We are already looking forward to and planning PX22! Do you think you have a great story or idea for content? We would love to hear from you and will be taking considerations for speakers, presenters, panelists and talent throughout the year. Reach out to events@impact.com, and we will be sure to be in touch ASAP!

My organization would like to sponsor or partner this event in the future. Can I speak to someone about options?

Yes! We should have information about  sponsorship opportunities and packages in the coming months, but in the meantime, reach out to events@impact.com, and we will be sure to be in touch ASAP!